April 24, 2014

Spandex Ballet Leotards

Spandex Ballet leotardsSpandex ballet leotards are worn by every ballerina from beginner to intermediate. They serve form and function, in their style and fit. A leotard should conform to the dancer’s body and provide excellent wearability for every recital, ballet class or performance. The classic pink spandex ballet leotard is generally standard apparel for young female ballet students in the age range from toddler to teenager. When a female ballerina becomes a young adult pink is still the prefer color for their spandex ballet leotard. However, the choices widen and they can move on from the soft pastel pink that is required for students in beginning ballet classes, to bright or hot pink.

Most male ballet students and performers stick to a basic black spandex ballet leotard in practice and class. Whatever the standard is for color, there is one universal truth about the spandex ballet leotard, every ballerina should have a large supply of them on hand in their closet. The color of a spandex ballet leotard after early ballet lessons is not something that is set in stone; it becomes more a matter of personal taste. Leotards come in a plethora of colors and can be embellished for individual performances or for story lines that call for leotards with exotic patterns or elaborate decorations.

The beginning ballet students are busy learning the basics of the dance style. While intermediate ballet students are taught individual moves for often elaborate ballet performances. So the spandex ballet leotard may also serve as the undergarment for some other costume during a ballet recital, play or performance.

Spandex ballet leotards
are often worn by the serious ballet dancer as apart of their everyday attire. It is not uncommon for ballerinas to have their leotards on underneath their clothes. That is why spandex ballet leotards come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit every “body” type and the needs of the individual ballerina.

There are numerous styles of leotards that ballerinas can choose from for either performances or personal use. Spandex ballet leotards come in flutter sleeves, puff sleeves, short sleeves, long sleeves, round necks, v-necks and halter styles to name a few.

The greatest thing about spandex ballet leotards is that they never go out of style and there is always a demand for them. Spandex ballet leotards are considered unisex, although there are customary colors preferred for early training. In reality, both male and female ballet performers wear pink and black spandex leotards. Older women who take ballet classes later in life to rekindle a childhood passion are often confused by which color to choose. When it comes to following a ballet passion, the individual should select the color and style that truly makes them happy.

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